PASS BASIC Online Course - The Industry Standard

PASS BASIC Online Course - The Industry Standard

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INSTRUCTIONS: You MUST enter for an INDIVIDUAL email address for every driver taking this course.  Why? Because that is the only way a certificate will be printed in the drivers name.

Do NOT use the company email address, Do NOT repeatedly use the same driver email address for multiple drivers. Why? Because you will not receive a certificate printed for each individual driver if you do this.

ATTENTION SUPERVISORS: If you are registering for a driver, you MUST enter the drivers personal email address (or create an email address for the driver) because the driver registration and personal email address "must match" so the certificate correctly prints in the "drivers name".  

RETURNING USER: click: Returning User Link  

If you have an access code, click add to cart and follow procedures to add your access code on the "Contact Information" page.

Multiple purchases: Enter the quantity and exact number of trainee email addresses on "Cart Page".